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      Aryaam Ballroom

      The pillar-less Aryaam Ballroom occupies a space of 351 square meters and is perfect for smaller sized corporate events or parties. The ballroom holds up to XXX guests’ banquet-style. Its stylish and versatile setting is well equipped with built-in screens, the latest technology and contemporary décor.

      Description points in numbers

      1. Located on lower ground floor
      2. 351 square meters
      3. Two breakout sections measuring 176 square meters each
      4. Door dimensions: 240 cm (H) and 183 cm (W)
      5. 10 skyhooks
      6. Dimension: L = 23.4, W = 15, H = 6 (ceiling), 5.5 (tip of chandelier)
      7. Size of the foyer: 105 square meters with ceiling height of 3m
      8. Three screens including one main screen (3×6 meters) and two support screens (3×5 meters)
      9. Primary ceiling colors: red, green and blue
      Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Residences

      20th Street,
      Dubai Healthcare City,
      Bur Dubai, Dubai